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The company "Tbilisi Medic" offers medical product, like: equipment, furniture, dosipsables, surgical instruments and patient care product. As well as equipment installation and further services.

Since its establishment, our goal was to offer the market adjusted and balanced products, which primarily include products with reliable quality and reasonable price.The company such approach became the basis of our slogan- "Ideal tandem of quality and price".

A friendly team of professionals ensures the timely delivery of products to the place of destination.

The company has a strong logistics services, which ensures continuity of production.

in addition of disposables and instruments large range in our store, you can always see the equipment and furniture such as: patient monitors , electrocardiographs, Infusion Pumps, Pulsoximeters, Ventilators and Anesthetic machines, functional beds, instrument tables, Screens, IV stands, Examination and Surgical tables, lamps and many other such types of products.

Strong warehouse and service quality are the strong sides of our company, which is making difference between us and other companys at the market. In our company can purchase goods on credit, both internal as well, as helping of leasing companies.

The new office

The new office

Please note that from January 10, 2013, our company is moving to a new headquarters, which is located in Dighomi, of Lubliana st.. # 34...

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28 12 2012

The new office

Please note that from January 10, 2013, our company is moving to...

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Reliable engineering services - medical accessories, constantly updated database. There was established new Service Center at the new base of our company, in which will be served ...

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